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A good paving job goes well beyond that fresh surface and those crisp lines.


Black Diamond Paving & Concrete specialize in both existing concrete & new construction projects.

Seal Coat

In the case of asphalt maintenance, a gallon of prevention is worth a ton
of cure.


Let Black Diamond Paving & Concrete help you turn ADA complaints into ADA compliance.

Pool Decks

With Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, your pool deck can really make a splash—without throwing you into the deep end.

Pride. Professionalism. Passion.

We learned paving from the ground up, then we started a business. What we started was not simply another paving company, but a business that was run so efficiently, so passionately, that customers would come to expect more…and get it.  We expanded on this premise and made some inventive hiring decisions. Our people had to be smart. they had to be able to visualize a project from the client’s point of view so they could understand, empathize with, the people we serve. And they had to bring an intense desire for excellence with them. So we’re professional business people from different backgrounds whose common goal is to provide the best possible customer experience.

Core testing reveals actual depth. So does customer satisfaction. We are absolutely driven to perform in a way that satisfies and pleases our customers. That is why we applied to become Diamond Certified in 2008, and we have been re-certified every year since.

Every customer, every project is important to us.

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